Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get Your Good Reads On!

One of my favorite things to do is meet up with my favorite friends at Barnes and Noble or the closest local bookstore and share books for hours!  The next-best thing is keeping up to date with what your friends are reading and rating on Good Reads.

My good friend, counselor Laura Filtness, gave me a good idea this summer.  I created my Good Reads account last year and honestly...I haven't used it much this year.  Laura shared with me recently that she was creating bookshelves for all of the different books that she shares with teachers, students, and families in our school as our school counselor.  She has created specific bookshelves for self-esteem, sharing, manners, divorce, etc.  I love this idea for two reasons. 

Number one:  she's my friend on Good Reads so when we have a student at school who needs advice about a book for a specific need, I can go to Laura's list and pick the perfect book.  

Secondly, this idea inspired me to create a bookshelf for my summer reading this year.  I always start off the school year by sharing with the kids what I've read over the summer.  I will be able to open my Summer Reading 2013 bookshelf and remember everything that I've read as well as re-cap my summaries and share my ratings with my students.  

A third way that I'd like to use the site is similar to Laura's.  I'd like to also create bookshelves for specific lessons that I teach in the library...this summer I'd like to create bookshelves for book care, map skills, introducing reference books, author studies, and more.  I'll have to get busy with that with all of my time off this summer!

As I shared before, you also get to see what your friends are reading!  I am going to need all of my friends to create accounts right away so we can all see and share what we're reading.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scholastic Book Fairs Insider June 2013

This month's Scholastic Book Fair Insider is all about planning family events to maximize the participation and sales at your Scholastic Book Fair.

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