Monday, March 18, 2013

Nonfiction feature of the week

The nonfiction feature of the week idea came from the collaboration between our library and first grade teachers.  First graders have been learning about the parts of nonfiction books as well as the nonfiction features that help readers comprehend the text.  To show many examples of each feature, we created a nonfiction feature of the week.  We are going to spotlight a different nonfiction feature each week.  Our first feature is diagrams with labels. 

The other nonfiction features we will spotlight are comparison, cutaway, picture with caption, and close-up.

 The students are looking for examples of the feature of the week at home and at school.  When they find a great example, they can cut it out or make a copy to add to our feature of the week chart.  

Our first graders are each independently researching different topics with our wonder bubble unit (visit C. Jayne Teach for a detailed explanation of the wonder bubble unit).  Each child will publish their own feature of the week that shares what they have learned about their topic at the end of the week.  This will give them many opportunities to see many different examples of nonfiction features from a variety of sources before publishing their own for their wonder bubbles. 

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