Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time For Inventory: Want to get all of your library books returned?

Whew!  The end of the year is always a stressful time in the library.  All of my student library books are due next Friday so I can begin running inventory...the act of scanning everything in the library with a barcode!  Fun times.  It is always quite a task getting all of the library books returned.  I found a post on Pinterest today that I think will help out this year.  The idea came from the Ruth Borchardt Elementary Library.  The librarian displays end of the year numbers for her students and faculty to view in the library.  Here is a picture of the display in their library:

I absolutely LOVE this idea!  Instead of posting the numbers in the library, I think I will announce the totals daily on the morning announcements and e-mail the numbers to our teachers as well.  I am going to encourage our teachers to use this opportunity to have their students write their own word problems using our data.  Hopefully, it will get the kids thinking of how important it is to return all of their library books and get some math practice in at the same time.

Nancy Jo Lambert, the librarian at Ruth Borchardt Elementary, has some great resources on her edublog and I'm excited about learning more from her!  

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