Monday, October 6, 2014

Reading in the Schools Day

This year we celebrated Reading in the Schools Day by taking a step back in time.  When our school began, we used the story of The Library Dragon written by Carmen Agra Deedy and illustrated by Michael P. White as the inspiration to re-design our library space.  Now that we're back in our old school building, we thought it would be fun to re-visit the story so the kids know a little about the history of our library space.

  We also realized that the newest book, The Library Dragon Returns, had also been published.

With these amazing books as our guide, we began to plan our event.  Each of our teachers signed up readers to visit their classrooms for Reading in the Schools Day.  Our talented group of PTA volunteers helped to set the mood for the story in our building.  They sent home one dragon scale with each child to decorate as they wished.  The scales made up our very own library dragon that scaled the entrance of the school.  

Our volunteers took pictures of our kids reading beside the Library Dragon.  They created a bulletin board with all of the kids pictures that stated, "Reading Enchants Us."  This kids loved to see the principal, teachers, and fellow students reading on the board.
We also had each classroom design their very own shield that represented their class as readers. Our volunteers hung the shields down the hallways with tissue paper torches between each one. The kids loved all of the decor!

To top off the event, the illustrator, Michael P. White, visited our school and talked with each grade level about illustrating his books. The kids loved the illustrator's visit because they were asked to bring paper and pencil and they drew along with Michael.  It was a fantastic Reading in the Schools Day event!

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