Friday, April 1, 2016

National School Library Month is here! What are the kids reading?

Happy National School Library Month!

In honor of School Library Month, I'm going to share the most circulated titles in our library right now.  One of my librarian friends, Amanda, blogs about what her kids are "really" reading from time to time.  This helps teachers, parents and friends keep up with what are kids are interested in choosing when they visit the library.  These titles are our top ten most circulated as of April 1, 2016.
Drumroll, please...

This book of our favorite superheroes in grade school is lots of fun.  

Bad Kitty's most recent adventure.

I'm so glad to still see Wonder in the Top 10!

Love all of Jerry Pallotta's Who Would Win series!  Keep them coming, Jerry.

The most recent book in the I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis.

This is Book #2 in the new Bad Guys series.  Very funny for all ages.

Yes.  They are still reading Minecraft.

Still reading...Don't tell them they're reading nonfiction!

I love this new series by Aaron Blabey.  Students of all ages enjoy this read. Book #1.

As a parent of a child who reads the Amulet series, we are always waiting for the next book in the series.  We were so excited for the new arrival of Book #7.  Did you know there will be ten books in this series?  I've also heard rumor of a movie...

So happy to see our student choice reflected in the top ten!  What great books they are all reading!
Thanks for supporting your school library and your child's choice to read!
Happy National School Library Month!

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