Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unlikely Friendships

We've been enjoying a week of snow days this week!  My great friend, school counselor and Paws-itive School Counselor blogger sent this video to me early in the week and told me the kids would love it!

Immediately, I thought of the possibilities of pairing this video with books about unlikely friendships.  Here are a few that came to mind...

Here is the book trailer for Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland:

A few other titles that would work well with this topic are:

Visit Owen and Mzee's very own website here.
You can also view Owen and Mzee's documentary:

Here are the last few titles that made me think of this topic:

Here is the trailer for Kate and Pippin:  An Unlikely Love Story:

Here is the book trailer for the Two Bobbies:

And the link to the Two Bobbies homepage.

I asked Laura, Paws-itive School Counselor blogger, how she incorporated the video in a lesson.  She shared this TPT unit written by Laura Candler that she found for free which included an activity for the month of February which is International Friendship month.

Included in this unit is an interview which you give to a classmate you'd like to get to know better.  After interviewing classmates, students write poems about what they've learned about each other.  I honestly thought that this activity would work well with teachers in a faculty meeting as well.  We always have an opportunity to know each other better and become closer to our colleagues.  

How would you incorporate this amazing video into your lesson planning?
Please leave a comment and share!

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