Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Positive Reinforcement Heaven

I found this idea on Pinterest and tweaked it a little bit to work as a behavior reinforcement in our library.  So far, it's been very popular with all of my classes!  I took ten paperback Scholastic books from our recent book fair and from Scholastic book orders.  I bought ten cheap cups at the store and put the title of each book on a cup.  I also placed a basket with small slips of paper and a pencil on the table.  

I tried to make sure to place a variety of genres and reading levels on the table.  I introduced each class to the table and how it works.  Students who display appropriate library behaviors may be asked to go to the table, write their name and teacher on a slip, and place their slip in the cup of their choice at any time during library time.  I choose students for following directions, participating in class, listening and respecting the teacher and other classmates, and reading quietly during checkout time at the end of class.  It can also be used to brag on a student who is lining up quietly at the end of the class time.  I find that when I ask a student to go to the table, everyone is very on task.  At the end of the month, I will draw one name from each cup, announce the winners on the morning announcements, and each winner will get to keep the book.  It will be super easy to replace the books monthly with paperback books from Scholastic Book Club fliers.  I will keep the titles high-interest so that the students will continue to be excited about this incentive program.  

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