Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seusstastic mystery in the library!

I'm so excited about sharing this idea that came to me when planning my Seuss activities for next week!
I have to admit...I always have a hard time preparing for Read Across America.  This year, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I am wanting to introduce my 1st through 3rd grade students to mystery books.  I've staged mysteries in the library before and the kids LOVE it!  I got the idea from two AMAZING teachers in our school who both like to create the crime scene that the students have to gather clues from to try to solve the mystery.  Suspects are introduced and they all have an alibi that students have to read.  They then decide who they think is guilty of the crime.  

This year I decided to incorporate Suess' birthday with my mystery unit.  I visited my sixth grade classes and asked them for their help.  I took all of my Seuss characters and asked the students to work together to write up a mystery complete with a problem, a crime scene, suspects using the Seuss characters, and alibis.  Our sixth grade reading teacher sweetened the pot by offering extra credit for students who decided to take on the challenge.  I asked students to have their mysteries written up complete with alibis by Friday so I can choose my favorite and get all the supplies that the winning team needs to set up their crime scene in the library on Monday morning before the kids get to school!  I am so excited about this and I think the kids will be, too.

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Chandra Verbic said...

What a great idea!! LOVE that mystery unit. You're such a jammer. :)