Monday, February 11, 2013

Timer Tools

This timer is my new favorite tool in the library!  On busy days, I see six classes.  That's six times you have to give a five minute checkout announcement and six times you have to ask your class to line up.  It gets very repetitive.  This timer magically fixes everything!  Just let your kids know ahead of time that you are going to set the timer to go off when checkout time is over.  Slide the clock to the designated amount of time your kids have to checkout.  They love watching the time countdown on the clock.  I tell the kids that when the timer beeps four times, they need to either be lined up at the library door ready to head back to class or lined up for checkout.  When the timer goes off, all of the students line up and I don't have to say a word!  This is a staple every librarian needs in their library!
The kids are so used to it that when I forget to set it, they remind me.
Check them out here.

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