Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Are Your Kids Reading? Here's What Ours Are...

I've been inspired by a media specialist friend, Amanda, to run reports about the most popular books that have circulated through our library this year.  She recently read the amazing Scope Notes blog written by Travis Jonker who posted the most popular reads in his library. I've run circulation reports from the beginning of the year through the end of January and the following books are the books that have been read the most by our students! There are some books that are checked out immediately as soon as they come back in...every day!  It's fun to take a look at the stats and see what our children CHOOSE to read and enjoy!  


 Our kids LOVE all of the Who Would Win books written by Jerry Pallotta.  Luckily, he keeps cranking them out!  Keep up the good work, Jerry!  Our kids can't get enough of this great nonfiction!


I definitely choose favorites and Bad Kitty and Nick Bruel are two of my favorites!  Our kids love to read everything Bad Kitty.  Our newest title, Puppy's Big Day, has also been a great hit!


Another Who Would Win?  Yep.  The kids don't even realize they are learning all about nonfiction features as they read these high-interest titles, but they are! Ha!


Scaredy Squirrel is also another title that came up several times in our circulation reports.  Melanie Watt has perfectly crafted each Scaredy Squirrel book to shine a light on phobias in a fun way! The kids love to learn that Melanie has many of the same phobias that Scaredy has.


He's back!  Chester, also written by Melanie Watt, is a huge hit in our library!  Make sure to read all of the Chester books including Chester and Chester's Masterpiece.


Two words:  Wimpy Kid.  This series has kept kids entertained and enjoying reading for years!  Way to go, Jeff Kinney!


Star Wars, graphic novel and funny storyline=success!  Our kids were hooked after the first Jedi Academy was published and can't get enough of it!  We didn't even have to advertise soon as the kids found it on the shelves, it was gone!

We're ready for the top three of this 2014-2015 school year...
Are you ready?


One of my personal favorites this year.  If you check out Wonder, you've got to read Julian's Story and Pluto:  A Wonder Story which is available for the Kindle this February 10th.  You can also check out 365 Days of Wonder:  Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts.  I love the way R.J. Palacio continues sharing more sides of Auggie's story with each title.


The kids cannot get enough of Jedi Academy!  I love that these graphic novels have a very well-written story line that the kids can relate to.


Well, let's just say I had to put a picture of the whole set because our Minecraft books are all circulated more than any title in our library!  I love that boys and girls alike can't get enough of the Minecraft guides and they are learning new skills they can apply to the game as they read!  More Minecraft, please!


Amanda said...

Yeah! It's up! I wish the "Who Would Win" titles were published in you have yours covered in Kapco or something?

Sarah Svarda said...

I do not cover mine in anything...I buy at least five copies of each book and even though they are checked out all of the time, they have held up. Since we have several copies of each, if we have to discard one due to damage, it's no big deal. Thanks again for the inspiration for this post!