Monday, June 11, 2012

Draw Straws

So, it's the beginning of the year and time to get to know everyone!  When we were told to take some straws and pass them on, I figured I better only take a few because I would probably have to tell something about myself for every straw I chose.  You know, like the toilet paper game.  Surprise!  That wasn't the case.  After we chose our straws, we were given a small slip of paper that read:  Draw Straws.  There was a color coded key on the slip:

Pink:  What is your favorite book, or what book do you want to read?  Why?

Yellow:  Where is your favorite place to write?  Briefly describe this place.

Blue:  Do you write with a pen, pencil, or keyboard?  Briefly tell why you prefer this writing instrument.

Orange:  Tell us about an "ah-ha" moment in your professional life (you could edit this for your kids)

Green:  What's your favorite activity in your "spare" time?  Briefly tell what makes this activity so wonderful.

I was excited that this was a new way to share about ourselves!  We each took turns sharing one straw around the room at a time.

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LjP said...

Sarah, I am so happy you are blogging about our experience! It will be helpful to look back on later. I loved the straw activity. Christina told me about a starburst activity she does (can't remember what each color meant... we'll have to ask her). I've done a life saver activity where each color is a story element (character/problem/solution etc.). Keep the entries coming!