Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Writing Partners

So...how does your writing partner measure up?
Brutus is not the best. She fell asleep on her partner!

Yesterday we worked with writing partners for the first time.  I found this time so helpful.  We chose a piece of our own writing to share with our writing partners and their job was to give us some helpful revision tips.

Ellen and Bobbie modeled the ground rules for working with writing partners before we began.  It was helpful to see them work through their pieces together out loud.  Here are the steps in the partner share that they modeled:

1.  Writer's Questions (for you)
Have a question ready for your partner about your own piece before you begin.
Ex:  I asked my partner to help me work on the end of my poem.  I didn't love it.
This step is so important because it also lets your partner focus in on one specific part of your work.

2.  Discuss the purpose and audience that you had in mind when writing your piece (for you)
Ex:  I am writing my poem for my dad.
The purpose of my poem is to document memories I want to remember and share with my girls.

3.  Two stars and a wish (for your partner)
Your partner will tell you what they liked about your piece.  Preferably at least two things.
Your partner will also give you a suggestion.  This suggestion will help to answer the question that you asked in step #1.

If you'd like to learn more about successful writing conferences check out: How's It Going?:  a practical guide to conferring with student writers  by Carl Anderson

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This is the cutest picture ever! Love it!
Thanks for including the resource books. That is super helpful.