Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Math and Literature: Greg Tang

This week we've been talking about using writing across the curriculum.  Greg Tang is a great author you could use as a mentor for teaching math in his writing.  One of the great things about Tang are the many resources you can pair with his books!  Greg Tang uses poems, rhymes, and puns to teach math strategies.  He makes solving math problems tons of fun!  You have to tell your math teachers about Kakooma math.  For only $19.95 a year, you have unlimited access to games, eight online books, printable classroom materials, and full access to the site for up to thirty-five students.  Kakooma is also available as an app.  Personally, I am really excited about using the animated online books! Tang's books cover a variety of math concepts and are written for various ages.  If you'd like to learn more about Tang and his books, click here to view a video from Adolescent Literacy.   My good friend and our interventionist, Angela Bunyi, has also met Greg Tang and has posted about Kakooma on her Top Teaching blog.  Click here to read Angela's blog.   If you've used Tang's books in your classroom or played the Kakooma games, please post your thoughts!

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